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Moviebox World War 2 - DVD (2016)



Moviebox World War 2 - DVD (2016)

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Sottotitoli, Sous-titres, Subtitles, Subtítulos, Tekster, Undertexter , Untertitel Nederlands
Number of disc(s): 4 Discs
Product number: 1731851
Date Release: 01-04-2016 00:00:00
Date Update: 01-03-2019 18:45:02
View age: Not recommended for children under 16
Country of origin: United States
Media-type: DVD
Production year: 2016
Art. information: DVD-Classics, de webshop met eerlijke prijzen! | Moviebox World War 2 (DVD) Actie Oorlog 8718754407779
Playing time: 400
Packaging Stackpack
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- Victor Perez:
Victor "Young" Perez is a Jewish boxer who breaks into the 30s in France. At twenty he becomes world champion after his fame rises to unprecedented levels. While the Jewish Victor (Olympic boxing champion Brahim Asloum) in the following years in Paris fighting for his state, Hitler France will largely held. When a German officer picks up with the ex-girlfriend of Victor, the boxer goes completely ballistic. The slugfest comes to cost him dearly: Victor deported to Auschwitz. There, in the hell on earth, he is forced to box with his brother for the entertainment of the SS. An incredible but true story, filmed in a war thriller that you will never forget.

- Auschwitz - Playing for Time:
This truth-based war movie about the Jewish Fenelon. She was arrested and taken to Auschwitz. The prisoners stay there under terrible conditions. They are beaten and tortured, robbed, humiliated, shaved and then brutally murdered. Fenelon is recognized as a famous musician and able to play in the women's orchestra at Auschwitz. This means postponement of death; the daily torture and humiliation were going. Gradually the women discover that playing for the Nazis robbed them of their last bit of dignity. Weighs stay alive against the daily suffering? This impressive film in line with Schindler's List and Sophie's Choice throws suffer a look at the horrors of Hitler. Only by superhuman strength and perseverance to survive an option in a hell without hope.

- Sword of Honour:
When the war in Europe inevitable seems leave the 35-year-old Guy Crouchback his safe house in Italy to fight for his country, Great Britain. He joins the Royal HALBERDIERS Corps. Soon he comes into contact with his ex-wife that he always keep. Guy is sent to Dakar to help the French, who are under heavy pressure from the German enemy. Despite heroic action Guy is the victim of the misconduct of his lieutenant "Ben Ritchie" and transferred to the commands. He deployed with his unit in Crete where he must operate under very severe conditions. When I finally returned to his homeland a lot has changed.


Dolby Digital 2.0
Dolby Digital 5.1




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Moviebox World War 2 - DVD (2016)

Moviebox World War 2 - DVD (2016)

Moviebox World War 2 - DVD (2016)

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